Hello, My name is Jessica!

I am glad that you found me.

I am a Coach , Certified Hypnotist and specialize in Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Do you struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing or procrastination? Perhaps, you may even struggle with all three.

Do you find yourself in this endless cycle of starting and stopping?

Do you know what you want in your career and personal life but struggle to truly feel and experience that sense of ease, trust and flow in your life?

Have you spent endless hours looking for a solution and trying different things but yet things continue to remain the same in your life?

Often we know what we need to be doing but yet we struggle to take the action needed. Simply having the awareness will not get the results we desire.  I am a Self-Worth Expert helping Professionals and Entrepreneurs do the subconscious work to create more impact in your career and to develop deeper connection in your relationships. Everything that you desire can be possible!

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I am always deeply amazed in how quickly Rapid Transformational Therapy gets results for my clients. I use Rapid Transformation Therapy to help my clients unlock their greatest potential to create more joyful success, health, and happiness.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid technique that uses hypnosis and other powerful techniques to offer lasting results. RTT was developed and created by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer from Britain who fine-tuned her method over 30 years in her own practice. She now teaches and trains coaches and therapists around the world in her method and continues to win awards for RTT.

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With over 10 years’  previous experience in corporate Human Resources, I have worked with a diverse range of people from a variety of different backgrounds; I witnessed and experienced firsthand the many stresses of life and the toll it can take on our health and happiness.

I understand that life can take us to dark places sometimes and often comes with much unforeseen stress, challenges, and struggles because I have faced these myself. I also know what it like is to be putting in a lot of effort to make changes and to still find that you are falling short or that you are doing something wrong.

I am honored to help client’s step into their sense of inherent self worth. It is possible to reclaim your innate ability to trust yourself, so you can feel more confidence in your career, more connection in your relationships and trust to be the absolute authority in your own life.

I will equip you with powerful conscious and subconscious tools to make the necessary changes in your life.

More Freedom, More Impact in Your Career and More Connection in Your Relationships.

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Self Love, Money and Confidence

I can’t begin to describe how working with Jessica has changed my life. Before I began working with Jessica, I was haunted by experiences in my childhood and my anxious feelings prevented me from doing well in job interviews; I was unemployed and was experiencing money troubles. After working with Jessica, I found a job I love and was able to fix my money problems. As a result, my husband and I now own our own house and have started a family. Because of Jessica, I no longer fear experiencing negative emotions, which has given me the freedom to experience the positive ones more regularly.

Laura R. - Ontario, Canada

Confidence, Career Success and Perfectionism

“With Care” is how Jessica signs her email correspondence and that sums up my experience with her to a “T”. I felt completely cared for. She is sensitive, sincere and gentle by nature but was able to get to the root cause of my feelings of inadequacy with razor-sharp precision. I was feeling very overwhelmed when I approached her because due to work politics, I was being treated unfairly and it was affecting my paycheck. It was all out of my control and making me very nervous. She calmly helped me pinpoint my feelings and find the root cause of this pattern in my life. Jessica then made me a recording to listen to for 21 days and I can still hear her say, “you have new opportunities”. Guess what? Within 2 weeks one of my co-workers approached me and offered me a job with his new company. So, less then 2 months later I have a new job with no drama, more money, a better schedule, AND I feel so much more empowered and at peace. I’m a living success story. Thank you Jessica!!! I highly, highly recommend.

Rachel M. New York, USA

Restful Sleep!

I was very excited to work with Jessica on some core beliefs that were getting in the way of restful sleep which I had been experiencing for many years. Jessica really took the time to understand the issues in a non-judgmental way. Her style is very validating and I always sensed that she genuinely cared about doing a good job. She seemed very knowledgeable which helped me to feel trust in her abilities to help. My sleep has improved considerably and I continue to use the recordings she prepared as part of our work. I would highly recommend Jessica.

Una W. Ontario, Canada

Self Confidence

I am a very busy mom, wife, professional and business owner who has a lot of responsibilities and things to get done on a daily basis. Like a lot of people, I was experiencing quite a bit of stress and I decided to give hypnosis a try. Having never had an experience with hypnosis before, I was quite unsure as to what to expect in a session. Jessica was brilliant at making me feel comfortable, safe and certainly at ease. It was obvious that she put in a great of work for my session even before we began. After listening to the personalized hypnosis recording consistently over the last thirty days, I can definitely feel a shift. I even noticed a feeling of calm after just one session. Thank you Jessica for your attention to detail and your thorough follow up. I am excited to continue to work with Jessica to reach some of my future goals. I would highly recommend Jessica to any of my family and friends.”

Jennifer S. Ontario, Canada

Self Criticism and Perfectionism

I came to Jessica looking deal with few issues from the past that were holding me back. I spent many years in therapy and done a lot of self-improvement so I was already quite self- aware of a lot of my thoughts and issues. However, nothing could change the fact that I was still feeling guilty and was very hard on myself. I soon realized that I couldn’t change what I did not have awareness about.

In hypnosis, I quickly gained insight of what was holding me back. Jessica is very skilled in responding to the needs of her clients as they arise and provided healing guidance during the process. After the hypnosis session, I listened to the recording every day, sometimes twice a day. The changes that resulted in my life were profound and noticeable very quickly within 2 weeks.

I can see now see 3 months after the first visit, that my life has been totally transformed. I can hear the words from the recording in my mind activating when I encounter a difficulty. Finally feeling free from negative thoughts and patterns has opened the door to a more peaceful and joyful life and healthy relationships with my family, friends and coworkers. This has enabled me to be my most authentic self to reach my full potential.

Izabela L. Ontario, Canada

Self Acceptance  &  Confidence

I felt very secure and confident with Jessica. She creates wellness with an inspired mastery of her practice and intuitively knows how to proceed.

Doug C. Ontario, Canada

Confidence and Public Speaking 

I had just started my career and was looking to build my confidence. Since seeing Jessica, my anxious thoughts has decreased especially when it comes to public speaking and engagement, and it’s become easier to deal with conflict. It’s like a weight has been lifted and I have less and less “what if” moments and overthinking. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me with this new found freedom and “toolkit” Jessica has given me. Thank you!”

Amy P. Ontario, Canada

Low Mood & Self Criticism

Jessica is a caring and gifted RTT practitioner. She is sensitive to your needs and so even though we were uncovering some significant issues in my past, I felt safe and secure to dig deep. I have seen many meaningful changes since working with Jessica and continue to listen to my recording several times a week. I highly recommend Jessica.

Laura T. New York, USA

Perfectionism, People-Pleasing & Procrastination

I came to Jessica exhausted and stressed to the point of physical manifestations. I am a wife and mother of two young children, one with considerable special needs. I am also a full-time working professional and pursuing an advanced degree. I struggle with anxiety and depression as well. While talk therapy had created awareness towards the challenges I was facing internally and the causes, it wasn’t enough to break free from coping mechanisms and learned beliefs that had become detrimental to my well being. When I read that she specialized in perfectionism, procrastination and people pleasing, I knew I had to book a session with her as soon as I could. These are my most difficult day-to-day challenges that I have been trying for years to successfully overcome.

Jessica is kind and understanding and I felt safe in our session. I was able to dig deep and process some very difficult experiences and emotions with her guidance.

Since my sessions with Jessica, I definitely feel like my subconscious is clearer and I experience more joy and peace in my day-to-day life. Her RTT therapy has helped me finally process and move on from traumatic childhood experiences that were holding me back. I now have positive thoughts popping up from my sessions and recordings instead of negative and anxious thoughts. I have better capability to set boundaries, manage expectations and carve out time for myself. Overall I have more confidence and trust in myself and others have noticed the positive changes. Many thanks to Jessica.

Naomi K. Ontario, Canada

Anxious thoughts and Procrastination

Prior to taking part in my RTT session with Jessica, I had been experiencing severe bouts of anxiety and poor self-esteem. Initially the negative thought patterns appeared to worsen after I began listening to the recordings.  Jessica encouraged me to continue listening every day and offered support through follow up 1:1 sessions. Over the course of the next three weeks, I was able to see gradual improvement and experienced new found energy. I began creating the necessary positive changes in myself and ultimately in my life. Jessica’s willingness to listen with an open mind to my struggles and journey offered me comfort and a feeling of safety. I could trust her and her ability to help me navigate my way through past experiences without judgement.

Since completing my 30 day session I have encountered occasional moments when my old ways of thinking creep back into my mind. Each time I remind myself that I am able to revisit the audio recording as often as needed.

I am truly grateful for what this 30 day experience has brought to my life. The power of words is fundamental to our well being. We really have no idea how important and significant words are until we are met with the reality that they form who we were, who we are and who we will become. Thank you Jessica for everything!

Serena H. Ontario, Canada

Confidence and Self-Love

Jessica is an amazing Hypnotherapist. I felt very safe during the session, had profound acknowledgment related to my issue and resolution. Before I came to Jessica, I had a lot of things that I needed to get done as I was both working professionally and pursuing further
education and I was feeling a bit daunted by the never ending to do list.  I found Jessica to be very professional and I easily trusted her to guide me
into hypnosis.   She gave me enough time and space within the session to come to new realizations about myself. Throughout the 30 days of
listening to the hypnosis recording following the session, I noticed many shifts in various areas of my life from 1 session of working together.  I now find it much easier to look after my own health and to eat healthy without much thought. I noticed any brain
fog and fatigue has lifted giving me a more clear focused mind to complete my studies and get more things done in my life.  I also noticed that
I have regularly started using kinder, more positive and supportive words towards myself which is moving me closer to accomplishing all of my
goals.  I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life. I  feel much more peaceful, brighter and happier. Exactly what I needed.

Kat C.


To find out more about Jessica and her coaching services, please send her a message. She is happy to answer any questions you might have and looks forward to hearing from you.

Also please send a message, if you are ready to book a 30-Minute Free Discovery Call to start to gain clarity what is holding you back in your life. This call will help you discover what is at the base of your stress and what is the possible in your life, career and relationships. This call will also be starting place to determined what is needed for you to move beyond your stress to reclaim freedom in your life, more impact in your career and greater connection in your relationships.